Professional Training In A Family Friendly Environment

Michigan CPL Courses & Firearms Training

Located in Hastings, Michigan! We provide professional Michigan CPL training and we provide the easiest, most comfortable instruction available in West Michigan. We provide our professional course using the Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO) training. You can learn more about MCRGO by clicking the link or logo.

Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners

If you’re looking for an anxiety free, conversation driven course, you have found it. We pride ourselves on an ALL-INCLUSIVE experience!

Public and Private courses are available! Contact us for private class consideration and press that “Book Your Spot” button bellow if you want to book a non-private place in our next scheduled course.

What does a REDfrog Firearms course look like:

  1. You can choose a scheduled or private course
  2. We furnish firearms and ammunition at no extra charge
  3. You receive the best Michigan CPL instruction available
  4. A meal and refreshments are furnished at no extra charge
  5. The course is conducted in a warm, friendly environment
  6. You are taught basic firearm safety
  7. Your are taught home safety/protection
  8. You will be proficient in the proper use of a firearm
  9. You will receive legal training considerations
  10. We will have a conversation on ethical considerations
robert mitchell
robert mitchell
Wonderful instruction…safety #1 with Mr. Gee excellent would recommend to all…a road to success in your CPL and learning needs!
Kelli Moran
Kelli Moran
Kirk is a great instructor. His class was very informative. He made learning fun.
Jacob Morales
Jacob Morales
Great class !! Extremely helpful, Kirk the instructor is amazing !! Highly recommended
Ed Knauss
Ed Knauss
Excellent class and information. Kirk worked extremely well with both the experienced firearm users and relatively new users. We were in a private group of 6. This is an excellent option that I highly recommend.
Earl Craven
Earl Craven
Awsome instructor very educational, if looking to get your cpl kirk is the guy to go through you will not be disappointed. Thanks Kirk.